5 Signs Your Business Needs to Hire Expert SEO Services

There are many reasons a business doesn’t want to hire an expert SEO service. The excuses range from “we can do it ourselves” to “I can’t afford to hire a service.”

What few business owners fail to realize is how massive the topic of SEO and all the layers that go into optimizing a website. Eventually, they come to realize (after they run into problems) that they should hire an SEO consultant.

If you’re on the fence about hiring an SEO consultant, read our list of ways to tell you really should hire one.

You Don’t Show Up in Search Results

If your website isn’t optimized for search engines or you haven’t optimized it correctly, potential customers have no way of finding you organically.

When potential customers have no way to find you organically, you have to rely on paid advertising, social media, and referrals to attract people to your product or service. While you can earn sales that way, it’s not nearly as effective is having a search-optimized website.

Your Web Traffic Is Declining

If you’ve had a consistent level of web traffic and it suddenly takes a dip, that could mean your SEO strategy has become ineffective.

There are many reasons why web traffic might decline. It could have to do with keyword bidding, shift in consumer preferences, or changes to Google’s algorithm.

Before you decide to start your SEO strategy from scratch, ask an SEO consultant to look through the data to find your problem. Some SEO consultancies even offer free SEO reports or audits.

Your Competition Ranks Higher

Ranking above your competition on SERPs is a big deal. The first five results on a SERP account for 67.6% of clicks while the last five results account for 3.73%.

Even if your website ranks on the first page, you can still lose out to your competitor who is ranked in position one through five.

It’s not always clear why a competitor outranks you. Sometimes it has to do with on-site optimization and other times it has to do with content optimization.

If you consistently struggle with outranking your competitors, you should hire an expert SEO consultant.

You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Most often, small companies face the challenge of trying to optimize their websites for search engines even though they hardly know anything about doing so.

Even if you read a ton about SEO best practices, it can still be difficult to fully optimize your website to rank in organic search. If you feel like you’re floundering, it’s time to ask an expert SEO service for help.

Google’s Punished You Multiple Times

Google doesn’t like it when you use sketchy SEO practices like using irrelevant keywords or keyword stuffing. Even if you do something on their avoided techniques list inadvertently, they will still punish you for it.

There are cases where your website might get hacked and the hacker implements some of these practices. Their goal is to bump your listing down on the SERP.

SEO experts can help you determine if your SEO strategy has been hacked or not.

Know When It’s Time to Hire an Expert SEO

An expert SEO consultant can mean the difference between wildly successful and dismal sales in 2018. For those of you who feel lost in the layers of SEO or know your business isn’t ranking well, it’s time to get help from an SEO pro.

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