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Inbound marketing has become an important way to attract visitors to your website, convert them to leads and nurture them to become customers. The concept of inbound marketing first emerged with the rise of the internet and has allowed companies to market their services and products to potential consumers all around the world. Inbound marketing is the new normal in today’s online world. If you want your business to be found online, you need an effective inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is a type of content marketing. This means it is all about the creation and distribution of high-quality content. It’s not enough to simply create content, you have to optimize it for search and promote it through social media and other channels. When done properly, inbound marketing can serve as a magnet to draw customers to your website. Inbound marketing does not stop with content creation – the goal of the content is to answer potential customers’ questions, establish trust and begin to build a relationship.

When properly implemented, your inbound marketing efforts can help turn complete strangers into prospects, prospects into leads, and ultimately, into customers.

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There are Three Key Factors to an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy:

Content Production

As with most budding relationships, the first step is attraction. As a business owner, you want to draw in individuals who can potentially become your customers. These individuals are described through buyer personas, and they are at the center of your inbound marketing efforts.

Attracting your specific buyer persona requires a focused inbound marketing strategy that starts with quality content creation. This content needs to not only draw in your ideal clients, but also compel them to transition to the next step of the conversion process.

Creating a blog that is attached to your website (for SEO purposes) is the first step. The blog should include various categories related to your business services. After you set up your blog, begin writing posts that answer some of the most common questions you receive. Consistency is key, so you need to publish on a regular basis to achieve the best possible results.

Content Distribution

The next step is content distribution. This is important to ensure that the content you have created gets maximum traffic. The best way to do this is by optimizing your content for Search Engines (also known as SEO). This includes:

  • Writing posts with at least 500 words
  • Using key phrases and titles that target the type of products and services you offer
  • Sharing the content on all social media channels
  • Publishing the content on other channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Building a following on LinkedIn and Twitter

Converting Traffic into Leads

The next step is to get traffic to your website. Traditionally, when you want something, you need to offer something in return. The same rules apply to the inbound marketer who is seeking contact information from targeted consumers.

You need to offer something of value to your buyer persona for them to be willing to relinquish their contact details. This “something of value” comes in the form of content – eBooks, white papers, blog posts, webinars, checklists, case studies, etc. – essentially any sort of material your audience would find valuable.

There are a few key tools that you need to make this exchange of information effective:

  • Calls-to-Action (CTA’s)
  • Landing Pages
  • Contact Tracking

An inbound approach to online marketing will undoubtedly give your business a lasting competitive advantage. Whether you are new to inbound marketing or want to improve what you already have in place, Las Vegas SEO for Growth can create a custom inbound marketing strategy to achieve your goals. We offer a range of inbound marketing services including:

  • Creating content
  • Web pages, blogs, videos
  • Optimizing content for search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Creating calls to actions with offers
  • Landing pages, calls to actions with offers
  • Measuring and tracking

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