5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign is Failing

Having a social media account means nothing if you aren’t using it correctly.

You need a strong social media campaign to reach and connect with users. This is something that’s engaging and effective – it makes people curious and excited to get to know you.

Otherwise, you’re just another business trying to promote yourself, and you’ll get lost in the scroll.

Worried this is already happening?

Here are a few reasons your social efforts could be failing.

1. You Don’t Understand Your Audience

Everything you do is for the user.

In real-life, this looks like research and development for new products.

Online, it looks like understanding buyer behavior and the way this translates on social media.

A well-made social strategy focuses on the peak times to post and the right hashtags to use. It knows what users want and serves it with a funny caption or eye-catching visuals.

2. You’re on the Wrong Platform

A key part of understanding your audience is to know where they hang out.

You might be focusing on Facebook while all your potential users are talking on Twitter. Not to mention the others that are catching up on the lives of their favorite Instagram or YouTube stars.

Your content is only as strong as the platform you put it on.

Think about where you’re presenting yourself, and how you can make your efforts stronger.

Try Facebook or Instagram ads and their targeting algorithms.

Start a new hashtag on Twitter or post something funny to YouTube.

Whatever this looks like, make sure the content and the audience description match the account you’re on.

3. You Aren’t Engaging

Another thing to consider is that a social media campaign doesn’t run itself.

Sure, you can set posting times and allocate advertisement funds. But, you need to be on top of user interactions.

People are going to be liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts.

Give them something to show you see their response.

Like what they say and comment back to the particularly engaged users. Maybe even go live to share your thoughts on the way you’re being received.

Your audience will love the extra effort, and they will be quick to disengage if you don’t put any forward.

4. Your Content Sucks

Sometimes you don’t even get the chance to keep an interaction going because it wasn’t great to begin with.

You can’t rush a strong social media campaign.

Once the audience and platform research is done, you need the right delivery. This includes sharp photos taken with interesting angles. It means captions with your brand’s voice and image in mind.

For even more success, it means partnering with influencers.

5. You’re Doing Everything Alone

If you don’t want to work with a social media star, at least consider hiring a social expert.

This isn’t someone who got famous on a whim. It’s a team of professionals that know the ins and outs of social media.

These people can take over where you went wrong, and help you capitalize on what can be done right. They’re your eyes, ears, and brainpower behind a successful social media campaign.

Save Your Social Media Campaign

Stop wasting time on a failing campaign.

Instead, make an effort to save your image and build your engagement rates back up.

The best way to do this is with the help of an organized team.

Contact us today to discuss your current social situation and how to make improvements.

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